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What you created is yours

"Each person is his own property, and no one owns this property except him. The labour of his body and the work of his hands, we can say, are his by right." - John Locke

Or, as a mother from the series ‘Working Mothers’ said: "If you have a talent, it's yours. Use it."

I want to refer to the second part of the sentence: the labour of his body and the creation of his own hands by right.

We do a lot of things in our lives and not once we continue to the next one without stopping and considering our achievements.

These days I must write a letter in which I have to detail my work in the field of therapy.

When I started digging into my past and what I did in the field, I discovered that there was a whole world that I had not given space to.

We are so immersed in the ‘doing’ that sometimes it is difficult for us to stop and think about the way we have done. We are so immersed in the future that we forget what led us to the present.

And our doing is ours.

Someone came to me for training and said to me "I have never done anything in my life". The girl was in her late twenties. We started thinking and discovered a whole world. A world that was exactly relevant to the field in which she wanted to work.

So for everyone who is in transition and writing a resume, sit down for a moment and think "what have I done to date that leads me and supports my decisions". In the resume, the things that support the job you want should be emphasized.

Yes... sometimes you need to emphasize different aspects of the resume according to the relevance of the job.

But remember that what you created is yours.


Good luck!


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