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"The freedom of choice is not found in the way we behave in a certain environment, but in choosing the environment in which we behave." Dan Arieli

So what is freedom? What is this freedom we all long for?

Freedom to me is the feeling that I can be me.

That I can do what I really want.

To say, at least to myself, the things that are important and meaningful to me.

Freedom is my way to fulfill my life, pave my way and walk it safely.

Without "What will they say? What will they think? How will I succeed? Why me?" And many more questions that tie me to an external place of legitimacy.

Legitimacy has to come from within.

Freedom is to think what is good for me (and my loved ones) and fulfill it.

Freedom is to choose my environment. Choose the place and the people which promote me. Which lift me as high as possible.

And, also, choose the place where I don't want to be.


I choose this quote because it strongly relates to relocation.

Do I feel free to choose my new environment?

Not always.

Immigrants sometimes feel like strangers. Not belonging. Not because they choose it, but because the environment makes sure to remind them of their origin.


How do you feel in your new surrounding ?  


I wish you a lot of freedom!

 And pray for the hostages to get the freedom they deserve! 🙏🙏


Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Expert in immigration and integration processes

Certified coach for empowerment and personal development

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