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Look at this plant.🪴

It is a complete villain. It was in a place that did it no good. I moved it, watered and nurtured it and the plant is coming back to itself.

Transitions can be tough at times.

We feel that we have lost everything, that the known has become a question mark.

We feel the loneliness sometimes, and the difficulties keep piling up...

Because when we are not well, we tend to see everything that is not good.

But like plants that are moved to a new place, we too need time to adapt. We need time to grow roots, to take hold in the soil, to strengthen ourselves and our family.

To do this I propose a simple exercise: think about what you need. Now.

What do I really want? Get inside to think, feel, and embark on a new path.

Yes, you can take a small step back. It's not a failure. It allows you to give yourself time and space.

I wish you fast growth! 🪴

And if needed, I'd be happy to help.


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