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Live in the moment

Since the morning I feel awful! But I have to work so I decided to write a few posts.

It doesn’t work… I can’t concentrate…

I know it. As long as I try to fight it – it resists…

So I have decided to accept… I don’t feel well… ok. Let it be.

I would like to invite you to stop today's race for a second, and ask you to do one thing in full presence or as we call it “mindfulness”.

If you eat, eat. Taste the food with all your senses. Look at what goes into your mouth, smell the food, taste the spices.

If you are traveling, look at the places you pass by, smell the autumn, look at the falling leaves.

If you listen to music, listen to it with real presence. To the sounds, at the front and back of the piece. To the words, if these are songs.

If you talk to your children, be there. Listen to them.

I invite you to take a moment and just be.


Dr. Efrat Tzadik

personal development and empowerment coach

"Find your home away from home"

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