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Holiday ⛱

The summer vacation has arrived and with it, for some of us, a difficult decision to make ... especially when your partner is not from your country of origin: where should we go?

🌞On the one hand, summer vacation is an opportunity for a family trip, for discovering the area in which we live, for getting to know new areas and make the most of the relatively easy mobility option. For example, from Belgium you can get almost anywhere in Europe by car.

🌞On the other hand, everyone is waiting for us in the country of origin. This is the only time when people are relatively free... In addition you suffer from longing to see your loved ones.

But a vacation back to your country of origin is not really a vacation ... you are busy trying to see everyone, traveling from place to place without a break, finding yourself in endless phone calls to fix meetings and ... there will still be those you will not get to see ...

🧳Personally, in most cases I try to combine as much as possible and travel to Israel during the summer vacation. The reason is simple: you can travel for longer, so that the children will enjoy quality time with their grandparents. This choice has proven itself, creating the strong and loving bond they have with the family in the country of origin.

🧳However I also recommend, if possible, going on a short vacation together. A family vacation away from screens, conversations about different interests, creating new experiences and memories. To bring closeness between family members.

The decision is difficult and unfortunately it is not always possible to combine these two types of vacations ...

What do you do during the holidays? Which vacations do you prefer?

Dr. Efrat Tzadik personal development and empowerment coach

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