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A big change

The greatest fear for many of us is change.

To leave for something new. To a new place.

I never had a problem changing things. When I wanted something new - I changed.

I was sent to three missions abroad, and I did a relocation. I worked in a variety of jobs and places (quite related...) and it opened up a whole world for me. I did a doctorate in two different universities. I just got up, I did, I moved forward.

Recently I faced a huge change in my life. This time I was scared. Frightened ! A fear that paralysed me from action. This new change confronted me with a fear I didn't know. I examined it thoroughly. I checked what it touched and solved the concerns, one after the other. I arrived where I wanted to be.

My story is probably not new to many of you. Do you have dreams about a new project, another place of residence, another job or relocation...

The fear of change paralyses us. We are ready to stay where it is comfortable, in order not to deal with the change. Sometimes all we need is to take the first step forward.

What do I offer? * A programme that will bring you change and a full and satisfying life * Knowledge and more … * Real listening to your needs and desires * Analysis of the things and connections you didn't think about * Accurate work on your needs and desires * A short and to-the-point process * And above all - accompaniment until you reach the results to which you aspire

For a first talk, please contact me privately

Dr. Efrat Tzadik Find a home away from home

In the photo: one of the first days in Canada. Young and fearless

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