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Time management 🕰⏰⏳

⏰Recently I gave a few lectures and workshops on time management - stress management.

Is it possible to manage time?

⏰No. Time is one of the resources we have no control over. Whether we do something or not, time will pass.

⏳So why to use "management"?

Within the time I can manage my actions, my productivity.

⏳ I can decide where to invest the time and how much of it.

⏳ I can also choose not to do anything at a certain time.

I wrote "management" because it gives a sense of control. It describes my control over time. Well, not exactly... it describes me controlling what I do with it.

In the coming posts I will write about the topic of time and how you can reduce stress through it.

I would love to hear, what interests you on the subject? If you are in relocation, has it changed the relationship to time?

Do you manage to organize yourself and finish assignments well ahead of time or do you arrive "at the last minute"?

Dr. Efrat Tsadik

Personal development and empowerment coach

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