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Illness 🤧

🌞July. The big vacation has just began after a full and busy June month and at the end of the year events.

Finally moments of silence. I can wake up late ... the pace slows down. The pressure calmed down ...

And I'm sick 🩺.

💉Usually even when I am sick "I am not sick" I continue as much as possible to function. To do. Why? Because in my perception there is no one to do in my place ... I can not get deliveries of food from mom / dad or send the kids to them for a few days. There is no one to do what I have to do in the way I want.

This is a problem for many of us. To learn to release. Allow the house to be a bit dirty, allow the spouse or child to cook and let the body heal.

💊I believe our body responds to pressures and events that happen around us. I am facing a change in life so for me, I got sick because I do not rest. I did not let myself just be in the present. Without doing anything. Watch series and enjoy it ... Instead I was contently in the doing... the body tells me to stop.

Many times we are so engrossed in physical activity, at least at the beginning of the transition to a new place, that we do not examine what is really going on inside us. How we feel about the transition. The tingling in the stomach, the thoughts, fears. Sometimes breaks are so necessary that our body send us signals. Listen to him. Enjoy the small and big moments.

Do not just be in action enjoy the being.

How do you relate to illness?

P.s. Series to recommend?

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