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French language... Impossible...

I speak very good French (except for the accent that still remains...). I passed the language test of the Belgian government, I work, lecture, socialize and coach in French.

But the more French becomes my first language in my everyday life, the more I feel how much I don't really understand it...🤔

For example: today I sat with my friends (all French speaking) and we talked about all kinds of things, then they started laughing and I felt frustrated because I didn't understand what was funny in the story. I just missed one word...

Another example: a few weeks ago we visited friends. When I was asked how I feel, I answered "tout doucement". The friend who asked me looked at me with a look full of pity. Then he explained that this sentence is said if a person is sick, or had an operation and is recovering... the shorthand...embarrassment...🫣

When I taught little ones at school I wanted to tell them to take out stickers (autocollant), and I actually told them to take out tights (les collants).😂😂

Verbal language is very important but non-verbal language and hidden meaning are what allow us to understand our environment better. I’ll talk more about non-verbal language in future posts.

Have you been embarrassed by language matters?

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Personal development coach and empowerment

"Find your home away from home"


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