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Flies... what's the deal?

I hate flies. I do everything to neutralize them in any way possible. They bother me.

A few weeks ago, while walking in the nature, I saw a cow and a horse who stood by without moving while their faces were full of flies.

I thought to myself, how could this be? They do not move. Don't the flies bother them?

Well, probably not...

I think we can compare flies to background noises that we hear constantly in our lives. Disturbing thoughts, judgments, inhibiting statements. The more we fight them, the more space we give them. We allow them to disturb us. Bully us.

When we are in relocation, our brain works overtime. Thinking about what they will say. Who said what? Did I do ok? Am I fine?

But what if we become as simple as the cow or the horse? We will let the thoughts pass, we will understand that they are there and will accept them, not fight them.

Their place will decrease and we will be able to increase space for other thoughts, more positive, and focus on them.

How do you do that?

A little mindfulness exercise allows us to be compassionate with ourselves. Close your eyes and allow your thoughts to pass like a cloud or a train or a car or a small fly. To know that the thought is here and allow it to move. A good technique is to focus on the here and now, concentrate on your breathing.

What are your flies?

You are welcome to write to me in private or here in the comments.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Expert in immigration and integration, identity and identification.

Certified trainer for personal development and empowerment. CBT.

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