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Connecting the dots...

Get to know me better

In the journey of my life, I came to the conclusion that my life works out the way it does while I don't always understand why. In retrospect, when I connect the dots in my journey, the path is suddenly clearer...

I entered the army, teaching immigrants. Why? I have no idea... I was also part of a team that created a Hebrew study book for new immigrants. I asked for a detailed study certificate from the person who was the head of the teaching section. Why? Later, when I arrived in Belgium, I worked as a Hebrew teacher as a second language. The reason became clearer...

When I was studying at university I went into a store and happened to see an ad to apply to be sent to work in a small Jewish community somewhere in the world. I applied and was accepted. I chose Canada. I chose 17 August to go. Just a date. But on the way, I discovered that it meant that I would meet my partner. We were on the same flight, he flew to Belgium (via Amsterdam... by chance?) and I flew to Canada. When we got off the plane I decided to wait for him. Why? I have no idea. I really felt like I was just stopping aimlessly. Turns out we both had 3 hours until the next flight, so he invited me to coffee.

I studied courses on various topics such as time management, standing in front of an audience, I organized conferences in the field of immigration, all the time I studied and improved. I chose areas that later served me in coaching without thinking at the time about conversion to coaching.

Years of research in the field of migration and integration, and personal experience, have brought me to where I am today. I combined the knowledge for coaching for integration in relocation.

Today something burns inside me to pass on my knowledge and help all those leaving for relocation. Because when I connect the dots there is only one straight line that comes out of my heart and adjusts to those who need it.

Life opens doors for us. Sometimes we enter through them and sometimes we don't...

What are the doors you entered through and how did they change your life?

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