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Last week I participated in a joint conference of AIS and EAIS in Prague, where I introduced the concept for understanding the processes of constructing and maintaining migrants’ identity: “the social bubbles”.

As migrants (relocation, expats or others forms) we often face the question of identity: what is my identity and how do I live accordingly.

When the feeling of belonging is no longer stable, migrants search for ways to feel integrated, via the reconstruction of their identity.

What are the benefits to live in a social bubble? What is its role in constructing identity and identification? How can a bubble maintain the migrants’ identity and a sense of belonging?

The term “bubble” is used to describe the enclosure of a group of people from other groups. When the surrounding is too strange, individuals search for familiarity and comfort - microenvironment, to interact and function in their own habitat.

If you are interested in having more information about the topic, you can search for my articles on the subject.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Expert in expatriation, integration, identity and identification

Certified coach for personal development and empowerment

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