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Birthday post

Today is my birthday and I chose to share with you my thoughts on borders. A little gift, from me to you.

The Pythagorean cup. Do you know it?

The Pythagorean cup has a tube in its center. When you fill the cup beyond a certain line, the cup is completely emptied.

As such the cup teaches a person to limit drinking, wine for example. Did you pour too much? You will have nothing left.

When I saw the cup I realized that it teaches me something important in life about limits.

Do you know the phrase "the cow wants to nurse more than the calf wants to be nursed"? Giving to others, wanting to help without limits. At work - taking work on yourself just to be appreciated, and the more you do it, the more it is taken for granted until the moment you no longer do it, and then there are complains and we are left with a feeling of emptiness and frustration.

It is true for every aspect of life.

When we arrive in a new place it is very important for us to integrate and we do everything to achieve this. Sometimes too much. We try to be better than the best in all areas. Volunteer for everything at school, giving with no limits to friends or at work.

Why? Because when we are different we feel that we need to do more than others. To reach perfection. Because it is not as simple as it is for local people, who have their social network to help out. We are not in our natural place.

So what does Pythagora have to do with it?

My intterpretation is not an envy and a desire for more and more. I see it a little different. The cup reminds me to keep my own boundaries and also say "no".

What do you think? Did you connect?

What does this cup tell you?

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Migration and integration expert

Certified coach for personal development and empowerment

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