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22 good reasons for relocation: #5 Finding myself, #6 Development and self-empowerment

Today I would like to combine two posts as they are linked.

My path in life was relatively clear. I always had a route, I always had a way. I finished my military service, went straight to university where in the second year of my BA I was asked if I wanted to join a direct doctorate programme. I knew where I was going. But ... by chance, I saw an ad that WUJS was looking for students to volunteer abroad... I said to myself why not? After a year of comprehensive screenings - I was accepted. The route that was mine - changed... I met someone who later became my partner and I moved to Belgium. The direct route to a doctorate gave way to another master's degree at a foreign university, a change of university and ways of teaching, no one knew who I was. I had to rebuild my image, the jobs I worked for and flourished in Israel - gave way to casual jobs that did not suit my abilities and did not allow me to flourish ... new friends, new language, completely different weather ... Everything that was familiar and stable became a shaky experience, in which I re-learned about myself. I thought about important and central values in my life, what really mattered and for what I was ready to fight even when I felt exhausted. I recalculated a route. It was extremely difficult. I thought about what I really wanted and what I intended to do to get there. I thought of what was good for me and what did not make me feel good. Understanding what I wanted to keep and what I was willing to give up ... It wasn’t simple at all. But I took it as an opportunity to empower myself and to develop. I finished my doctorate. I studied coaching. I learned to combine my road with research and coaching tools, to empower other people who find themselves in similar situations. I learned that if I wanted something - I would reach it even if it demanded to make a detour on the road or to overcome bumps. I learned so many things about myself. I do not know if I would have gotten to this if I had stayed in Israel. Maybe in another way. I did not want to give up my aims, but the relocation allowed me to get to other places: to publish articles, to lecture at conferences and to study in a different way than I did in Israel. I was exposed to amazing trainings and more. I was in constant pursuit of putting myself on a new path that I would be provided with. Relocation is a tremendous opportunity to recalculate a route. It gives us an opportunity for personal development and fulfilment. You need to give yourself a moment to think, without the noises around, about what you really want and build a new way, completely different or a little different from what you had. But your way. Where does my story touch you? I would very much love to hear your experience in a private message or in a response here.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik - Personal development coach Find home away from home

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