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22 good reasons for (in) relocation Reason # 9 Taking the right decision

Relocation, as scary as it sounds (it is indeed scary…), gives us a great opportunity to experiment with taking decisions that are ours alone.

We are faced with major decisions in our and our children's lives on various issues: education, identity, schools, work, relationship with spouse and more. And suddenly only we can make the decision. No one is in our place and no one has the ability to advise. A different environment, a different family and social constellation. As a result, there are fewer noises because as they say "a stranger will not understand".

So why is it good? Because it strengthens the muscles of "cleaning external noises" and provides us with a good exercises in decision-making.

When we are faced with taking decisions (small and large) in many cases our decision is based on our environment. We hear a great deal of "knowledgeable advice." Advice that come from their life experience, from a genuine place, but is related to their lives and sometimes to their conflicts, their values, their abilities. Theirs and not ours.

I will give an example from our world: "Hello, I'm leaving" ... Relocation. We constantly get so many remarks, comments, advice, tips, ideas … And we listen. The mind does not stop working, and thinking… as a result, it becomes extremely difficult to make a decision that is only ours. Based on our true will, our values, our strengths.

Another example, being and staying in a place that is not good for us. There are cases where we are afraid to leave because of social pressure, such as a job: "It's great for you", "Wow, what an achievement", "The main thing is that you have a job" ... Really? Do you feel it is "excellent"? Do you enjoy getting up in the morning for work?

I suggest to learn to listen to your inner self.

What do you think, did relocation give you the opportunity to make noise-free decisions or did you start hearing new, local noises?

Dr. Efrat Tzadik - Coach for personal development

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