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22 good reasons for (in) relocation Reason # 21 Discover the force. Find the balance point.

Moving to another country, to another culture is not simple, to say the least. Often you are faced with new, sometimes very challenging, situations. You may feel very alone in this.

Meeting challenges like this teaches us how much power we have within ourselves for us and those around you... Often far beyond what we thought. You learn to advance, even if it is difficult, and accept that not everything goes according to plan. You learn to be flexible, to change, to focus.

This can be compared to boxing practice. In life too, I have to find my balance. This point, that even if I’m pushed, I will not be knocked down. The point where I’m the most stable. For that, I need to use all the muscles in the body, find the right position for my legs, be flexible enough… enough to move without falling.

In life also, to create stability we must use everything we have: strength, previous experience, people around us, staying upright, flexible enough and when necessary move on.

So this post speaks to me today ... maybe there is someone else who can get inspiration and strength from it.

Hope you found a balance and if not, do not despair ... I would be happy to help!

Sending you much love!

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