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22 good reasons for (in) relocation: Reason # 13 Change

How many times do we tell ourselves that we would like a change in life? Feeling suffocated, feeling a need to do something else in some area of ​​life.

A relocation is a situation in which we have been given the opportunity for a change and especially to change ourselves.

For many of us this is one reason to relocate.

Whatever all the difficulties involved in relocation, it can be a gift: no one knows us, no one knows where we came from or what we are doing in life, no one knows our past and our previous conduct at work, with family or friends. We are allowed to restart ... almost.

When I came to Belgium I realized I was changing, whether I wanted to or not. The new scene, language, culture, a new relationship built far from the world I knew, a new university and more. I began to examine the core values ​​in my life and act through them. Choose new friends for myself, a new profession and sometimes adjust the music ...

Our decor has changed, as Erving Goffman calls it. Relocation gives a new setting in our lives. We are on a new stage, with direct or indirect spotlight. This allows us to present ourselves as we would like to be known and to conduct ourselves according to what suits us with the life experience we have acquired.

Please tell me what a significant change you made in relocating.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik - Coach for personal development

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