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What should you take with you in your suitcase?

Going on a relocation or returning to the country of origin (actually for each of us, this can be a light reminder...) you are thinking about what to put in your suitcase.

I made a list of things you will really need.


A lot. As much as possible. Love for the spouse, children, the new environment.

Love will make you grow further. Without it, it will be difficult for you to cope.


Integrating in a new place takes time… sometimes a long, long time.


Make time for yourself.

For your children. For your spouse.

Make time for new things, friends, meeting other people.


To deal with the change,

To deal with what isn't exactly...,

To deal with the distance and longingness.

Communicate with friends and family and connect the children to them.


The other is different.

Accept this as it is. Do not try to change it.


To what is not similar or familiar.

For slightly different but interesting tastes.

For friends who are not exactly what you thought, but are very nice.

To a house that isn't exactly yours...

To a different weather.

To a different culture.


Use creative ways to remain in a different when it's a bit difficult.

And remember that there is always someone who hugs and loves you even if s.he is not right next to you.

Faith in yourself

Because you are always there for yourself, no matter what.

Because you have everything you need to "make it".

Words of encouragement and thank you

You definitely deserve it.

Cherish every little and big thing you do.

I wish you all a lot of love and huge success!

Throw away comparisons

No. The neighbour’s grass is not greener than yours.

It is not better, there is no more fertile soil there.

A solid relationship

A strong relationship will allow you to move forward together and feel good.

Relocation will not improve a relationship that is not good.

On the contrary... sometimes it will get worse.


Create your dream,

and advance towards it.


It is also difficult for the partner.

And for children.

Look at them with compassion and appreciation for the process they are going through.

If it is difficult, I invite you to write me and I will help you;

to find a home away from home

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Specialist in migration (relocation), integration, identity and identification

Certified coach for personal development and empowerment, CBT

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