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What is integration and is "feeling good in the new place" integration?

What is integration and is "feeling good in the new place" integration?

The next posts will be a bit more academic, combined with personal insights.

I will write briefly, but I would appreciate your insights and discussion on the topics I will raise.

In fact, integration is only one form of what Berry (2005) calls "acculturation".

What is acculturation?

Acculturation is a socio-cultural and psychological process that we all go through when we come across another culture. Changes occur during intercultural encounters. I will add to Berry and say that there are also physiological changes. One of the known changes is in the way of eating, which sometimes leads to digestive problems.

Personally, I named my business ‘Tropisma’ for this very reason. The changes we make knowingly or not to acculturate in the new place.

Berry claims that there are four types of acculturation:

Assimilation - complete assimilation into the new society/culture.

Integration - I will develop this notion in the next posts.

Separation - two or more separated cultures.


Each of the forms of acculturation is based on two axes: first, how much do we want to preserve of our cultural tradition and identity. Secondly, to what extent is there a connection between the two groups.

Acculturation is a processes that can be individual or at group level and can also continue for generations.

In addition, culture is influenced by the society in which it is located. I will expand on this in the next post.

What do you think? How does the process of acculturation manifest itself where you live?

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Expert in migration and integration

Certified coach for empowerment and personal development

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