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“Wake up tomorrow morning and start from Genesis” (a sentence from a Hebrew song)

Genesis. What is the true meaning of this word? Genesis does not mean to start from the beginning. The word Genesis tells us to start from scratch. As the world was created. From where the experience is initial. Like a child discovering the world for the first time, doing things without expectations, without prior thoughts about the act. This is one of the key elements in mindfulness theory. According to John Kabat-Zin, mindfulness allows us to live the moment as if we are experiencing it for the first time. Because this is the first and last time we will be in this very moment ...

I listened carefully to the lyrics of the song recently and realized how much power these words have in everyday life. When I start from scratch, I approach every moment with a sense of curiosity, a sense full of anticipation of what will be and not with expectations. I live the moment, listen to things, see the world around me as if it was just created and discover new things. For example, drinking coffee in the morning, aware of the smell, aroma, texture in the mouth, heat in the palate, the colour of the coffee and how I feel at that moment.

When we move to a new country we have the opportunity to start from scratch. Behold landscapes with our eyes, hear a new language, new words and learn them, taste new food, smell other scents. Relocation can be an experience of all the senses if only we allow it. If only we would experience it in a moment.

I'm not saying it's simple but with practice it's possible. Therefore, I would like to offer a little exercise in mindfulness: Try to eat something with great awareness. Smell it, look at its colour, taste it in small bites and feel it in the mouth, listen to the chewing noises and be aware of how you feel at this very moment.

Wishing you a day full of great experiences!

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