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To be in the doing

All the time.

Working. Home. Studies. Progress.

To do. To accumulate certificates. Gain experience.

And not once did I stop to examine what I had done.

I didn't look at what I got. Because the cart was already full. Full of knowledge, training, work experience.

I didn't stop for a second.

Because I was afraid that if I stopped I would be in a place of judgment and regret. So I continued.

But then like everything in life, not by chance, I came across an ad about mindfulness. A friend told me "Let's go together". I went. I participated. The truth is, I didn't like at first because I realized I would have to stop. And as a friend put it: “You? Mindfulness? Both your legs are very well on the ground”.

But I continued. A course, and another course, and one on self-compassion, and a retreat and a further course and self-study. I was drawn into it. I fell in love with it.

Thanks to you Sybille, Valerie et Olivier who accompanied me in each and every step of discovering a new world.

I started the process of stopping. Stop and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the small and big things.

In the process I learned to be in the being and enjoy my achievements.

Moving to another country destabilizes our lives. Literally.

There are many difficulties that locals will not understand. Small and big frustrations. At the beginning of the journey we are in non-stop action This is also the reason our adrenaline is high at the beginning and we feel high (in most cases). Then we stop, because everyone has integrated and started thinking about ourselves. And the frustrations begin, the judgments, the sober evidence of "What about me?"

But this process also consists of small and large successes. It's enough that someone who didn't dare to speak English, managed to make small talk of a few sentences with the neighbour! What an achievement! Or finding a job or employment in the new place...

Look at every small step you do and cherish it.

I invite you to stop for a moment. really think about what you did. On your small and big successes every day, hour by hour. And thank yourself and all the people around you.

In the picture is a moment of happiness when I announced to my partner that he can call me Doctor.

If you also feel that relocation upsets you, I invite you to contact me and I will help you find the home away from home.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Specialist in relocation and integration.

Certified coach for personal development and empowerment

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