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Take them out!

Dernière mise à jour : 10 oct. 2021

I would like to discuss a topic that is very timely but, in my opinion, not dealt with enough: the sociological impact of Covid on our teenagers.

Our teenagers are isolated. They are not allowed to see their friends nor wider family members…they have to be careful with every person they meet in order to avoid contamination.

We know - and it was well explained by sociologists - that human being are social animals. We all need human contact to grow, to flourish and to develop. During the process of socialization, a person learns how to behave and what is allowed or prohibited in a society.

Social networks provide support and ensure a sense of belonging.

Today during the Covid pandemic, we need to think carefully of the impact of quarantine on teenagers.

In my opinion, the impact is immense and I will elaborate a few points:

The physical aspect: there is no longer any physical contact between teenagers. They are careful not to touch each other. It is known today that hugs produce hormones that cause good feelings and improve the immune system. And in addition the gyms are closed so taking out energy becomes a challenge...

The social aspect: sitting in front of a screen all day and connecting to others through the computer, teaches our teens that one can "shut the computer" when things are getting tough. They no longer learn to communicate to solve their problems.

The mental aspect: we have testimonies of teenagers who suffer from psychological problems and even cases of suicides.

The lack of social contact has a huge impact on our adolescents. They need a normal social life. The stresses and anxieties that are part of their lives now will have consequences for their future.

Adolescents need to go out, to relate, to love, to confront different situations in their lives. They deserve to be teenagers ...

These are important questions, which can sometimes be overwhelming.

If you have questions on how to manage stress among teenagers and students, do not hesitate to contact me.

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