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Simone Veil

Simone Veil is one of the women who fascinates me. How to go from the lowest place in history to exceptional work for humanity.

Yesterday we watched the biographical movie ‘Simone Veil, A Woman of the Century’ with the kids. I highly recommend it.

I saw a movie about an amazing, admirable woman. With strengths to advance and advance.

But I also saw a broken woman. A woman who builds herself up and restores her pain. And what fascinated me was the strong message that even in strength there are breaking points.

Even strong women have places of weakness. There are places of pain. It is just that they don't express it for different reasons: they are used to being there for everyone and don't know how to ask for help, they are perfectionists and don’t want to show vulnerability, and sometimes society itself reduce their pain while saying: "You're strong, you’ll get along."

The problem with strong women is that their pain is transparent. No one knows.

So, to all the strong women. Allow yourself a moment to stop. To know that a moment of weakness may come for you too.

And that from the pain you can soar to new heights!

Thanks Simone Veil for the lesson!

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