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Relocation and illness

I will divide this topic in two main aspects: stress related and food related issues.

Let’s start with stress: moving away from your country, from your culture, family and friends can be a major stress factor in life. You want to integrate economically, culturally, and socially. But you find out that things are not as easy as you thought. Children’s’ integration adds up to your daily stress and symptoms start to appear.

For that I suggest stress release methods such as meditation, sport and whatever makes you feel relaxed.

The second problem relates to food. Our physical appearance relates to our environment: a very known and basic anthropological finding (physical anthropology). Remaining in one place for all our life, does not require any adaptation (in most common cases). Nevertheless, when we change our physical environment (weather: rain, sun, pollution and so on), our body needs to make changes too. I realised that my hair is different in Belgium than it was in Israel.

One change that is required is food. We eat differently: time of the day, bigger or smaller meals, spices and ingredients, people we eat with and the quality of the food.

In many cases our body has difficulties to adjust, and it is shown by symptoms such as stomach pain, headaches, rushes, intolerances, and allergies that however have no significant medical causes.

What to do about that? Step by step introduce your body with changes and raise awareness to it. Let me help you to reduce stress related to your new surroundings.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

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