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Relationships in relocation - Second Post

What about me?

Even if we accepted to relocate and agreed to leave everything, questions begin to arise “What about me in all this?” what should the partner do?

Often clients come to me not having thought fully about the issue. They thought of everything...almost...

And even if you wanted it. You really wanted to move. Maybe you even pushed a little...deep down there are feelings of jealousy (a little?). He/she is busy. And you? When they ask you what you are doing, you cringe... and little by little gaps begin to form in the couple. If the gap already existed in the country of origin, it only worsens.

Anger becomes part of the household atmosphere. It becomes part of you. And you start asking questions about the nature of the relationship.

So what to do?

When we are in a bad situation we tend to see only bad things happening to us. On the other hand, if we focus on the good, they will increase! ... try to think about good reasons why you are in relocation. What good do you have from the new situation? Every morning/evening think of two positive things that happened to you.

From a more practical point of view:

You were given an opportunity to do something you really wanted: attend classes, learn something new, visit interesting museums, learn a new language (I have written about the subject several times. Language is an important tool for integration).

An opportunity has opened up for you. Take it.

We would love to hear more ideas that could help other women in a similar situation!

Good Luck!

Dr. Efrat Tzadik Personal Development Coach

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