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Reason # 18 to specialize in time management and reason #19 find some time for myself

Dernière mise à jour : 12 juin 2022

"How do you find time to do everything? Do you manage to put everything you want into your schedule?" So no. I don’t have more time than anyone else. I have exactly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The difference is what I manage to insert in this time ... I learned to manage it. It started with a statement from a friend more than 20 years ago. she called me at 17:45 and told me she was going out to buy a white shirt for her daughter for the holiday. I was very surprised and asked her "how will you do it"? If you don’t know, in Belgium shops close at 18:00 ... She answered "I have another 15 minutes" ... I raised an eyebrow but since then my perception of time has changed. Ten minutes is a long time ...

How is this related to relocation? First, because my perception of time has changed. And second, because I had no choice. I need to run in a new time frame and manage my time so I can do everything I need to (and then want to). I learned to allocate importance or urgency to things. Because time is mine (and of my family of course) and I decide what will go into it. When I write, for example, I clean up noise that bothers me to concentrate, focus on what I need to do, set things in advance like a real Belgian woman and do everything in full awareness (mindfulness). I found time for myself. Time when I do things I like, without guilt feelings because I know that when I fulfill myself I am able to give more.

And you, do you manage your time or does it manage you?

In the photo : Take some time off. A picture I took in the city of Waterloo, Belgium Unfortunately I don’t know who is the artist. I'm still looking for the name...

Dr. Efrat Tzadik - Coach for personal development Find the home away from home

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