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“Que Dieu me pardonne”…

We hear or say this sentence quite often, but this time I bring it up as a quote from a Kendji Gira and Claudio Capeo song.

Songs are an integral part of our daily routine. I listen to songs with tremendous awareness. To the words, to whoever sang, to the way the words were said. Where it touches me and what I feel in relation to the song. There are times when I listen to a song in a loop (which of course annoys everyone around me ...) just because I hear the right words I need at a specific time.

This song by Kendji Girac and Claudio Capeo connects me to my learning process of releasing patterns of perfectionism: "I'm just a human being" ... the simplicity and rhythm of the song suits me, and bring me in a good mood!

Tell me which song speaks to you today?

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Personal development coach

A few words of the song (free translation):

We should be Gods;

We should be strong

As if wet eyes

Are for those who are wrong.

We should dance,

And hide our pain,

Be the last to cry-

Never show your fear.

We should be kings;

We should be proud;

As if to give up-

Is for the one who loses.

We should knock

And then bulge out the chestù

Be the first to scream, louder

But may God forgive me

I did everything on instinct

I am just a man

Maybe a good-at-nothing

But may God forgive me

I have my heart on my hands

If sometimes I give up

It is to do better tomorrow

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