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Listening to children❤️

Personal post...

In my previous post I spoke about this little candle that burns inside of us. Children also have this candle but sometimes they need some help in bringing it out.

A few years ago my daughter learned to play music at a certain place. Excellent. I really have no complaints. But her teacher rarely encouraged her and always compared her to another girl.

Fortunately, since she was young, I sat with her in the class (I deserve a medal for sitting in a flute class for beginners...) and I witnessed the conduct.

At some point I decided to move her to another place. Since then the girl is flourishing. She plays in a musical ensemble (in the beginning she was the youngest of them all) where she is given solo parts, her teachers encourage her and the results come. I don't have to beg you to practice between classes, she does it alone and sometimes for hours...

Last Friday she came back with sparkling eyes from her flute exam! "Mom, it was amazing! Even the other teacher who was there told me he was thrilled! " Wednesday after she received her grade “excellent” and there was no limit to her joy!

We can make a difference for our children!

Children need a sense of success. Even a small one that will make them feel that they are on the right path.

As a teacher, with weak students, for example, I sometimes remove entire parts of the tests so that they feel a "small victory". I make sure to say a good word to them not only when they disturb the class.

A few month ago, I worked with a child who had a very disruptive behavior at school. We looked into things and found that the child is frustrated. He relocated and his behavior was a way of saying "I'm here" "pay attention to me"... attention from the appropriate parties (teachers, parents) changed the picture completely.

Be attentive to children, for their needs. If you need to change something - change it.

🥰Every child deserves a small success that will lead to big successes!😍

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