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Jewishness and the church

Two of my children play in an orchestra. One recent Sunday they were invited to play at a ceremony in a church. It took me back to 1994 when I was sent to work with the Jewish community of St. Johns, NFLD, Canada.

I was asked then to read during a religious ceremony in a church. I was puzzled and had many little uncomfortable voices telling me that I should not do it. I come from a traditionalist family and am very much part of that. And honestly, I don’t know if I knew much about what is ok and what is not… I didn’t listen to those voices and gave my speech. I had a tremendous experience! I learned so much… When my children played, I was thinking how natural it is for them to join the orchestra, no matter where the service is held. I understood that living abroad means living with other people. Knowing their culture and their religion can enrich our life much. My Jewish identity is very strong and I don’t need to become Christian to appreciate a Christian ceremony. When you have another culture around you, open up to it. Learn about it and you’ll be surprised to see that eventually it eases your way and strengthens your own identity.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik- Coach Find your home away from home

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