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Find your home away from home. One step at the time.

Find your home away from home. One step at the time. Live your life to the fullest

with mindfulness.

How many of us drove the car on the same road and after so many years discovered a house or a tree that we had not paid attention to. How many of us take our morning coffee or breakfast while doing other tasks and never sit down acknowledging that we are eating or drinking?

We tend to do things in automatic pattern. Not enjoying to the fullest what we are doing and the people we are with. We aim to the next mission of the day and the next and the next…

When we move to another country there is a short break between the old and the new, but it is a glance of time, it passes like a blink of the eyes… and we enter a new phase of automatism…

So, stop. Appreciate your new place with all that it reveals.

For personal guidance and information, please contact me.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

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