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Filling in my suitcase

In fact, this could be a reminder to every one of us, no matter what kind of change we go through in life ...

So what should I put in my suitcase before I leave?

You are about to relocate, or perhaps return to your country of origin... Or maybe it is a change in your life…

Now, what should you put in your suitcase or container? I have made a list of a few important things you really need:

Love And a lot. As much as possible. Love for your spouse, children, the new environment.

Patience Integrating into a new place takes time ... sometimes a whole lot of time.

Time Make time for yourself. For your children. For your spouse. Make time for new things, friendships and acquaintances.

Creativity To be able to deal with the transition, To deal with what is not exactly what you aimed for ... To deal with the distance and moments of longingness.

Tolerance The other is different. Literally.

Openness To what is not similar or familiar. For slightly different but interesting flavours. Towards new friendships. For a house that is not exactly yours ...

Memories To be able to be somewhere else at a different time when it becomes a little difficult. And remember there is always someone who loves you.

Faith in yourself Because you are always there no matter what. Because you have everything you need to "do it !"

What else would you add to your suitcase?

Wishing you all a lot of love and huge success!

Dr. Efrat Tzadik Personal development and empowerment coach

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