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Fill the container.

My fuel tank totally ran out of gas yesterday. The vehicle brought me to the place I wanted but then told me "that’s it. You cannot continue if you do not fill the tank." At first I tried to continue. The vehicle drove for a few more minutes. And stopped.

The vehicle stopped near a gas station. So symbolic.

At first I did not know it was a matter of fuel. I’ve had a problem with the dashboard. Then it lit up in me. I went into the petrol station store, bought a container and filled up. The vehicle continued to travel.

I thought how much the vehicle is just like us.

We are emptying our containers. We give, and do, and act for others, and forget ourselves.

We forget that our tank needs to be filled sometimes.

One of the best known places for burn out is the workplace. However, such situations are also common in other areas of life. Studies show that people leave the workplace not because the job is not interesting enough or pays too little, but because the person feels no appreciation. No one fills their container for them to continue.

If you are an employer, fill your employee’s tank. A good word can do wonders ... much more than a good salary. Let them feel they have a place and you will get a lot more from them.

If you work in a place that empties your tank, I recommend looking for new channels to fill it. For example, during off-hours, work through sports, music, hobbies… For you ladies, it is known that meetings with friends help ...

I thought of something. Let's be "container stockers" and say good things to others at least once a day: "Just a good word, or two, no more than that" ...

I've already started.

In the picture, me filling my container

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