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Fear the fear or feel the fear

I read many posts in different groups about people who are just before relocation, and are suddenly paralyzed by fear.

It's normal.

Moving to another country is scary. As simple as that.

There are so many new things to learn, accept, change, do for ourselves and for those around us.

There are fears and concerns, questions, maybe cold feet suddenly, because everything is new and unknown.

It is easy to stay in the known and comfortable ‘comfort zone’.

And it is very difficult to get out of there, into the unknown.

So what should we do?

I would like to suggest a very effective mindfulness exercise.

Take a deep breath.

Connect to the here and now. Connect with your fears. What exactly are you afraid of? What bothers you? Give everything a name like "I'm afraid we won't make new friends".

Tell yourself that ‘fear is just fear’.

Think how many times have you been afraid of something and when you came to do it you saw that the demon wasn't that big?

List your fears and change your thought to something such as "we always easily connect with others".

It's a small exercise, but it might help.

And if you are still afraid, get in touch and I'll help you ‘find the home away from home’.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Specialist in immigration, integration, identity and identification.

Certified coach for personal development and empowerment, CBT.

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