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Dream. Imagine. Fulfil.

Since I was little, when I wanted something, I imagined it. Visually, it was easy for me to see it happening. And it happened.

When the children were young and wanted a certain style of cake, my partner would say "but how are you going to make it?" And I would answer "Wait. I imagine..." and I did.

The same when we bought the house: "the kitchen is too small."

"No... let's take down walls" and it became exactly what I saw in my imagination.

The same took place for more important things, like finishing my doctorate.

I also do it before every conference or lecture.

It is not easy and needs a lot of creativity because we are formatted to think in fixed structures, in schemes. And we face every problem with prefixed solution.

A few months ago, I was sitting with Valerie in a café, and she asked if I could help her because she needed a set of cards that would suit her work.

At that moment, while she was talking, I saw the kit in front of me. Since then, we worked many hours to create it. Valerie's mother drew the illustrations for us, we chose values that seemed appropriate to us, adapted the illustrations, and sent them to the graphic artist.

Just like we wanted. This is our product.

Then I also made a box with my creative part.

The satisfaction is enormous. The product fits our needs exactly.

I encourage you to imagine and fulfil!

Tell me: what is your dream? What would you like to accomplish ?

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