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Do not say when I have time I will change, lest you will not have the occasion to do so (Hillel)

Last Shavuot I was asked to talk for about one value from the Jewish tradition. I chose the sentence:

In fact Hillel put the whole theory of mindfulness in one sentence: live here and now.

If you have plans - don't put it off until tomorrow.

There are two important words in the sentence:

The Leisure time.

Leisure is the time when a person engages in non-existential work.

The separation between leisure and day-to-day duties, finding time for yourself, can help prevent burnout.

The word “change”:

Do things differently. But even if we feel we need a change, we wait for a "better time". When will that time come?

The Mishnah comes and tells us - the change is here and now.

Combining these two key words brings us to the understanding that our time is here and now to change and be changed and above all to grow, grow, learn and develop.

There is no better time for change and development than now. Don't be afraid of changes and don't be hesitant to leave what is familiar and comfortable. This is the place where change might occur.

Moving to a new country is a very significant departure from the familiar and comfortable, but sometimes fears hold us back from going towards the others.

I want to encourage you to take small steps to make your dreams come true. the little ones and the big ones.

If you need help, I'm always happy to talk to you!

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

An expert in the field of immigration and integration

Certified Coach for empowerment and personal-development

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