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⏰Did you know that there are three types of time?

🕙There is the time that most of us, in Western societies, live according to, this is our clock. A 24-hour clock.

🕙There is the cyclical biological time: times of wakefulness and sleep, when to eat,… The body knows how to function according to its needs. How often do we wake up at exactly the right time without putting an alarm?

🕙Then there is the psychological time. This is the time experienced (see for example publications by Dr. David Eagleman and Dr. Dan Zakai). The psychological time is described as the perception of time that changes according to our experience at that moment. We know the phrases "how time flies", or "time does not pass".

🕙When we perform a pleasant task (try telling the teenager that he/she has been on the phone/computer for 3 hours...) time seems to pass quickly, but when the task is not pleasant for us, time seems to stand still, for example during situations of stress, fear, anxiety or danger (see for example David Eagleman's experiment in Texas).

Researchers have found that physiological factors also affect the perception of time: fatigue, temperature,… It has been found that when the body temperature is high (in illness for example) time passes slowly.

The picture I added was taking during a lecture I gave on time management where time flies...

😍How do you perceive your time?

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Personal development and empowerment coach

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