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Crack the relocation...

Many people ask me, how do you start a relocation process? How do you know where to go, and if the relocation will do you good? How do you know how to make new friends? How do you know if the place will be good for your children or the relation with your partner

My answer is: start with yourself. You should start with the most important person. The person that you are with all day, every day.

Examine the relocation from the inside. Ask the most difficult questions and face the mirror. Only then can the process begin.

Yes, there is a lot of bureaucracy and huge lists of things to do and close, but you should never forget the most important thing in the whole process: yourself.

What does it do to me? Where does this lead me? How satisfied am I with this?

Why is it important to be one with the move?

1. Reduce ‘background noises’. If I know that this is what I want, I can reduce the volume of all the things that are said to me.

2. I will have clearer answers for myself and can give them to others.

3. I will convey a clear message to the children - nothing more important than that!

4. As a couple we can get through the move better. The partnership will pass the test of passage as I have no doubts.

5. I will be able to enjoy the transition process more completely, even if there are difficulties.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik

Personal development and empowerment coach

"Find your home away from home"

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