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A weekend to be...

It is true that almost two weeks have passed, but I am beginning to understand the meaning of this time for myself.

Valerie asked me today how I was after the weekend. The truth? I didn't know what to answer. I have so many things to say... so many insights.

It's not that I don't travel alone. I travel to conferences or to visit Israel, but this weekend was something else. Something I've been waiting for.

At the end of the weekend I realized that I have me. There were many meditations, and a day and a half of silence, and I did not feel alone. The power of self-discovery is amazing. The ability to connect with myself was huge.

I stepped out of my comfort zone:

The room, actually the little room (see photo), was minimalistic.

At night I was scared.

Common toilets and showers, outside the room (army days...). A nightmare for me because even in hotels on trips with my friends, I need privacy... so outside?

I learned to accept what there is and not to fight it. To do things with full awareness - mindfulness. To let go. Even when I peeled garlic...

I learned to connect with amazing people I didn't know. Even through silence.

I was myself with people who also have a life story, concerns, fears, but I was in a place with no judgement nor criticism.

I sharpened the ability to look into the eyes and read the feelings or needs of others.

I was freed from the phone... and it was just amazing.

I felt like I could be me. Without judgement. Without thoughts moving at 1000 km/h.

I really listened to myself. What do I really want? And there are answers... surprising... but that's for the next post.

It allowed us to reconnect with ourselves. Deleting background noise, we could choose when to speak and when to be silent, choose when to connect and when to separate.

Take the moment and enjoy it.

Only from this place can you grow and flourish.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik, coach for personal development and empowerment

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