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a short message from a client

Sometimes all you need is just a short message from a client to feel energized again! 😍♥️

*Published with permission of my client

Free translation:

For a few years now I have realized that my happiness is up to me. That I am the one and only person who can change things in my life, and the only one who has to put in the necessary effort to get there.

Searching for a real well-being, a well-being that corresponds to me and looks like me, I decided to move to a country more than 17 hours away from my home, my family and my friends.

Being an expatriate can be very difficult, I would even say that it is a difficult for everyone. It entails many sacrifices, sadness and a sense of loss. But it's also lots of happiness, discoveries, encounters, with others, and especially encounter with yourself ❤️.

It was during a period of great doubts that I decided to start my work with Efrat.

Yes, I wanted to drop everything, to go home, to be pampered by my loved ones. Choose the easy life, … the easy life!? The one that, in fact, would not bring me any satisfaction in the long term.

There are a lot of things that can make you want to quit everything, but thanks to the work I do with Efrat, I take more time to ask myself, to question myself, to look inside myself, to understand who I am and what I want. I also understand that there is a veil in front of one's eyes, and that we are often mistaken about oneself.

My mission: take my place. Respect my limits, while respecting my values, while becoming aware of the beautiful person, full of qualities, that I am.

Thanks to this work, I realize that, even far from my family, I am loved, protected, and surrounded.

This made me stronger. It is thanks to this that I dared to embark on a new project in my life.

A project that involves money, relationships, risks, but above all allows me to become who I am, to gain self-confidence, and to be proud ❤.

I would continue this epilogue, but I would end quickly by telling you,

Thank you Efrat, thank you for everything.

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