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A professional

A few years ago I suffered a lot from stomach pain. I didn't think for a moment, and would go to the doctors. I didn't think for a moment not to seek medical help. That's part of the point. Accepting the role of the patient and getting help from a professional.

When I wrote my PhD on relocation and integration, I had two (amazing) supervisors from whom I learned and improved. I worked with professionals in the field.

Also regarding the proofreading of the text. My Hebrew is excellent but I didn't see the errors because I knew the written things by heart and everything was so understandable and clear to me... I needed a professional to read the text with a new perspective and direct me to places which were not clear enough...

For a moment I didn't think of doing everything wouldn't work and certainly wouldn't be accepted in Academia. When I left for my relocation I did everything by myself.

There was no one who could be with me, guide me, analyze my fears and offer me a hand to overcome the bumps in the road.

Today there is a person who can help you to achieve your goals. To pass the road in a smooth and enjoyable way, To find your home, To realize your project

I'm here for you.

Personal development and empowerment coach.

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