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😍22 good reasons for relocation😍: Reason #3 Your partner

For those who waited for the post on the partner
here it is

I met my partner on my way to Canada. I was sent to work in the Jewish community of Newfoundland
here is already a good reason for relocation
we stood in the security line at Ben Gurion airport.

He dared to ask me (the Israeli) to pass in front of me in the line. I let him. Fate made it that we were on the same flight. We didn’t sit together but after the flight I waited for him (don’t ask me why
). As both of us had to wait for our connecting flight, he offered me a coffee.

We were pen pals. We kept a long distance relationship for a couple of years. It wasn’t easy but I didn’t want to give up my studies.

In a certain moment when the “where are we heading” conversation came up, we decided that I would move to Brussels
 in 1998 I packed a small suitcase and came to live here
 whaooo! What an emotional mountain train it was! A period when I had to find myself on all fronts, without friends, no language, no job

And the person who was there for me was him. Only him. The relation between us has developed to a very deep and close friendship. He cared so much for my wellbeing.

Leaving for relocation, due to your partner, raises many strong feelings starting with worries (what should I do when my partner is not well), passing by jealousy (to the development of the other) anger (why did I come?), guilt (on both sides), wanting to help the partner, feeling of helplessness, much love and appreciation for the great move and so on and so forth

These are all legitimate emotions and it is ok to give them a place in relationships. Furthermore you can talk to your partner about those feelings and look together for possible venues for development and empowerment. Your partner can be your best friend if there is an honest wish to help and to develop together.

Relationships between spouses, like any other relationship, need investment and provision of space. Make time for that too.

You can find common occupations, hobbies, series, recreations ...

We like to walk together. It's a priceless time for both of us where we have very deep conversations. In addition, our most creative ideas arose in these walks ...

Dr. Efrat Tzadik - Personal development coach

Find home away from home

If you missed the previous reasons you can find them all here:

In the picture: he agreed to get dressed for a Purim party although he hates it (the second one is my son)

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