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22 good reasons for relocation: Friendships

I want to start 2022 with an optimistic and strengthening visions. It is true, when you move to another country, and make a change in life, there are many bumps and difficulties, but why won’t we take a step out and see what are the reasons for “why yes”? In my next 22 posts, I will write briefly about one good reason for relocation. Those insights are taken from my research and many other studies.

May we have a wonderful civil year full of great strengths and accomplishments!

Reason # 1 Creating new friendships

Relocation opens up an amazing opportunity to meet new people. When we arrive at a new place, we try to integrate into the local social system and create "social networks". Social networks are an array of relationships based on family ties, friendships or common origins. They have played key roles from the beginning of the thought of immigration / relocation. Studies have found that in many cases moving to another place begins with exploring a supportive community from the country of origin. They can help find a job, and provide emotional and physical support on a daily basis or during periods when one spouse is absent for work or other reasons. Relocation allows us to choose our friends. Arriving at a new place without friends is like a "restart". We can think and find out who we want to surround ourselves with and stay away from those who do not support us. In most cases, we connect with people who are similar to us in one way or another. At first, most of our friends are also people who have relocated. Many studies show, for example, that Israelis connect mainly with other Israelis for various reasons (language, mentality, sense of acceptance, etc.). due to the fact that they, in most cases, are in a similar situation, they understand what we are going through and can therefore, give fitting support. I called the social networks "social bubbles". These bubbles make us feel 'at home'. Whoever is inside the bubble, is surrounded by familiarity and protected from anything foreign or that makes the person feel alienated. The social bubble provides support, a sense of belonging and sets it apart from other groups in which the person does not feel belonging to. On a personal note, relocation opened a gateway for me to wonderful friendships. I moved out of my comfort zone (I am relatively closed and prefer to maintain my privacy). As I wanted to integrate in the new surroundings and feel comfortable, I learned to open up. I have surrounded myself with many amazing people, friendships which are invaluable. Many people returned to their country of origin but these friendships remained very strong.

How do you feel in this context of friendships?

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