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22 good reasons for (in) relocationReason # 16 Adaptation…or the ability to adapt

Why am I talking about eggs? Because they are very much related to Passover ... and to Easter ...


r maybe it is because I live in the chocolate land...

When you buy a “surprise egg”, all we know is that there is a surprise inside. We do not know what. We know that it might be something beautiful, fun, or sometimes disappointing...

Relocation is pretty similar. We know what is there on the outside. Chocolate. But we do not know what will be inside. What will be the surprise.

Slowly we open the package and discover the unknown. Maybe it is different from what we expected, sometimes disappointing, frustrating, difficult. It is a journey that we practiced and prepared for, a journey that produces many "surprises" on its way.

The good part is that we learn to accept things as they are, we learn to adapt, change if necessary, and evolve.

We discover how many strengths and assets we have inside that will move mountains and hills for us! And maybe this is the real surprise.

What was (is) your surprise during relocation?

Dr. Efrat Tzadik - Coach for personal development

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