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22 good reasons for relocation Reason # 15 Passover and relocation ...

How can Pesach be possible without cleanliness ... here it is called spring cleaning . Whatever we call it. I take it...

So what is this Passover cleaning? After all, greater and wiser people said: "Dust is not hametz." The house is clean. Believe me, I hate to clean but I hate mess and dirt more... so what's in it?

It is to take out everything you don't need. Both figuratively and metaphorically. When the Jews exited Egypt, they took only what they needed. So why do we remain with a heavy burden?

It sounds like a cliché (and maybe it is indeed a cliché) but in the spring there is a sense of renewal and blossoming. Like nature, like us.

I believe that renewal cannot happen without removing an old part. In order for a plant to erupt from the soil it needs to move soil rugs that interfere with it. For a flower to bloom it needs to open its petals, the green leaves that cover them dry out and fall off.

In order to grow and to develop you have to give up something else

After the winter, a period of sleep, a period in which we sowed the seeds, and wait ... and feel like nothing happens ... we herd, water and here are buds starting to bloom, some of the flowers are blooming.

Before Pesach, I have a feeling of wanting to get rid of all the negative noises, take out the inhibiting things, shake off the dust from the satisfaction and self-confident parts of me and see that they still work ... recharge the battery that may have worn out during the year. I have the urge to take everything out of the cupboard, to throw or to place them again. Sometimes I find them a different home…

What does relocation have to do with it?

In relocation we have the opportunity to shake, innovate, tidy up, put everything in a new place or get rid of. Honour them in a nice place in the living room or put in a closed box in the basement.

We should do the same in our lives, in relationships with people, in the workplace, in a place given to family and friends and most importantly the place given to ourselves.

Dr. Efrat Tzadik - Coach for personal development

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