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22 good reasons for (in) relocation Reason # 14 to meet the King ... new experiences and trips

One of my most amazing experiences was the encounter with the Belgian royal family when we were invited to a private concert in the presence of the King and Queen. What an amazing experience it was! The King and Queen came as parents like us, at this non-formal meeting. We were asked to bring refreshments. They loved my cookies 😅 ...

We have accumulated many experiences during our trips. When the kids were little it was just a matter of getting them in the car and driving. Today we need a preliminary discussion about the destination, the designated time and the plan ... Accessibility for trips by car is something we did not know in Israel. In Europe it is quite simple to move from country to country: a few hours’ drive and we are in a different country, in a different culture. On trips we get to know new cultures, open up to new food and mostly spend time together as a family.

One of the new things I learned in Belgium and impressed me a lot is the passage rites that students encounter to become part of the "Student Society" (Baptême). When my students at Ghent University told me about it I was fascinated by their stories and all the tasks they had to do (eating live things (bugs, meat…), begging at intersections wearing clothes that set them apart from others and more).

Another experience is 100 days before the end of the school year for twelfth graders. It is a tradition to have a party all night the night before this day, and drink oh yes they drink... they then get to school early in the morning and "make a big mess" ... music, noise, dirt, and what not ... then they go home to bed for a whole day of sleep..

I must admit, I enjoyed so much watching them elating ... but it's a whole different story to get them back on the school bench ...

What are your new experiences? Are there any new things you have learned?

Dr. Efrat Tzadik - personal development coach

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