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22 good reasons for (in) relocation Reason # 12 Openness to new things

"Oh the places you will go"/ Dr. Seuss.

So literally - we went out - and we arrived ... Going on relocation opens the door to so much, such as dealing with new things on all fronts from the moment of the decision to the actual move until ... (I am still learning new things about myself and where I have lived for more than 20 years .. .). Personally, I discovered new ways I did not know. And they are intriguing, interesting, instructive and still developing. They are not always straight and clear. Sometimes there are bumps and even mountains that need to be moved or bypassed, or maybe even broken, but there is always something new or intriguing that opens a window to something else. So to the profession. I have always been in academia. Collecting eternal degrees and certificates ... but I discovered a new profession: coaching. I set out on another path, completely different and very unknown. I left the academic world, in part, for a place that gives me new meaning. I combined the study with the field. Also, I became a mother away from my homeland. Away from my mother and my role model and guide. There are questions about motherhood that are related to the new place and I have found my own way. I created the type of mother I want to nurture, adding to it the values I want my children to grow up on. When difficulties arose I found answers within myself. In this journey called relocation we discover so many things about ourselves. Discovering how much power we have to deal with challenging situations we were not familiar with before, with questions, with wonderings. Even if things seem difficult and unsolvable to us at the moment, the journey takes us to other paths where new solutions may be found. Wishing you to embark on an exciting, colourful, beautiful journey that will take you to wonderful places!

Please share with me, where did you go? What did you see? What new place would you like to go to?

Dr. Efrat Tzadik - Coach for personal development Find the home away from home

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